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Artists Gardens Robert Dash

April 10th, 2011 | Posted in Artists Gardens, Think Spring | 0 Comments |

Madoo: A Painter’s Garden

Robert Dash’s garden, now the Madoo Conservancy, at the far end of Long Island, NY, has appeared in many books and magazine articles. A place of pilgrimage from Christopher Lloyd to Rosemary Verey, as well as thousands of garden tourists.

Maddo (old scots for “My Dove”, symbol of peace and contentment) is a garden born in the mid-1960’s that employs painterly perspective tricks; narrowing paths, and shrinking widths of arbor arches to “force the perspective”; mirrors act as windows creating faux views; and impassable doors as focal points. As a painter’s garden— color reigns. Dash reminds, “Manet said, the very color of the air is mauve”, And so, a mauve-painted gazebo stands amid the lush setting. A garden with magical influence, Dash quips that in his garden, ”Short people become taller; fat people become thinner; the old become younger; and children are better behaved.”
See the video at the end of the post and listen to the artist describe his Madoo.

In his words —

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