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Drive-by Gardens

March 30th, 2011 | Posted in Drive-by Gardens, Think Spring | 0 Comments |

I have been taking photos of gardens I admire when I’m out and about in different neighborhoods across the city, and I thought I’d start to post some of them. Some are formal, some simple, some quirky. What they all have in common is an openness to the street that invites one to look and enjoy— and enable me to photograph them.

When I began creating my garden the main effort was to shield and enclose the garden for privacy and quiet; it was open to the street on two sides. This was important but I’ve come to realize that having my urban garden spill down off my hill to connect to the street creates a valuable interaction with my neighbors and passersby.


The garden pictured here is a well-known one, on the edge of downtown Minneapolis displaying the work of a dedicated topiarian. I’m sure the landscape of this property hold secrets within, but much of it is easy to view and enjoy from the street.

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