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Artists’ Gardens

February 24th, 2011 | Posted in Art, Artists Gardens, Garden Plans | 0 Comments |

An Original Sense of Place

The gardener that strives for an original sense of place can find inspiration from the artist’s garden. Many artists have moved among a variety of mediums, and for those lucky enough to have outdoor space, landscape naturally becomes one of them. I have noted these kinds of gardens through the years in my desire to break out from the standard ideas of what a garden should be. A unique, authentic garden for many (artists and non-artists alike) is most often ruled by the time, money, and of course the energy for all the tasks a garden of any detail requires. Yet the essence of a uniquely created garden environment can transcend limits of time and budget when the keen sense of the creators vision is expressed. Adding elements and details like imaginative color themes for furniture and other objects, sculpture, taking an unusual approach to planting schemes, bold potscapes, and dramatic lighting effects—all create optical delights. When the artist’s studio spills out in to the landscape interesting things start to happen. Take a look at the first of a few of a series I’ll be posting.